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Productivity Engineering Services LLC (PES) Announces Expansion of Added Value Lean Manufacturing Assessment Service

By marrying qualitative rapid plant assessment and quantitative performance benchmarking, clients gain maximum insight into how their factory measures up to best in class performance

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Driving Supply Chain Resiliency Via Strategic Alignment

It reveals how to align your end-to-end supply chain with corporate strategy to enhance resiliency and gain a greater competitive advantage. It’s a collaborative approach to mitigating risk and building a supply chain capable of handling sudden unexpected yet inevitable disruptions.

Supply chains that are optimized for agility will look different than supply chains that are optimized for cost efficiency. Aligning your trading partners, so everyone’s on the same page, will help to minimize supply chain risk and achieve a competitive edge.

The article is intended for the high-level executive concerned with managing risk and aligning the end-to-end supply chain with corporate strategy.

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Professional Engineers Day Celebration Kicks Off On Wednesday 8/7/2019 #LicensedPEday

On Wednesday, August 7, 2019 the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) is hosting the fourth annual PE Day. The virtual event takes the opportunity to bring recognition to society’s superstar creative problem solvers. From our high-tech gadgets to the factories that produce them, and the planes, trains, ships and trucks use to transport them, owes its existence to the innovative work of some very brilliant engineers. One of the…

Assembly Magazine Cover May Issue-

Lean Assembly Line Layout Do’s and Don’ts

This article published in Assembly Magazine, covers many practical “lessons learned” and why flexibility and flow are critical to efficient assembly line design.

Whether you’re designing a new line or improving an existing one, this is a must-read article. It’s jam packed with best practices and how-to tips for planning and implementing a successful lean assembly line layout. You’ll walk away having learned something new including specific proven, actionable approaches that can be applied to your unique production environment.

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How to Design a Lean Storeroom Layout for Your Job Shop: A Perfect 10 Methodology – Part 2

Is your storeroom layout designed for optimal flow? Does it have a place for everything and everything in its place? Do you have the right equipment to make effective use of available shop space and promote efficient storage and retrieval of parts? Are you leveraging material kitting? If not, you’ll want to read this article. It explains, in plain English, the remaining five steps of a ten-step systematic methodology; from developing an effective kitting strategy to designing the detailed floorplan and more.

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How to Design a Lean Storeroom Layout for Your Job Shop: A Perfect 10 Methodology – Part 1

A common misconception is lean manufacturing principles and practices are mostly applicable to high volume, low mix manufacturing like Toyota. This is not the case when judicially applied as you’ll see in this article. From assigning the right team to proper 5S tactics, here are the beginning steps to creating a more efficient storage environment.