About PES

Productivity Engineering Services LLC (PES) was established in 1992 by Jeffrey Miller, MSE, PE, CPIM, SCOR-P, CS&OP as an independent industrial engineering and operations management consulting firm serving the manufacturing industry. PES is dedicated to assisting your company identify opportunities to improve its bottom line and enhance its competitiveness through the successful design, improvement and installation of integrated systems of people, processes and technology.

PES’s principal, Jeffrey Miller, a 30 + year industrial/manufacturing engineering and supply chain management professional, typically performs the services for each project.

PES is committed to a total partnership effort. We would like to stress the word partnership. We work closely with your team throughout the project, beginning with defining realistic goals and objectives through guiding and assisting you to implement our mutually-developed solutions. This partnership approach ensures that the methodology will become a part of your standard operating procedures and your people will continue the improvements long after we leave.

We’re Focused on You!

Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • Once-in-a-blue-moon factory expansion, consolidation, or reengineering project.
  • Need to increase plant throughput in response to growing sales.
  • Long changeover times and large batch sizes resulting in piles of inventory, but not what is needed for the order.
  • Protracted lead times adversely impacting cash flow and operating margin.
  • Long hauls, multiple handling and delays in material movement causing costs per unit to escalate.
  • Backtracking and crisscrossing of material flows.
  • People and equipment idle and lost production due to stock-outs / late deliveries.
  • Many units on the floor, racks, carts, or conveyors waiting to be processed.
  • Floor space shortage while overhead space is wasted.
  • People in a constant state of fire-fighting and expediting high-priority work orders.
  • Large backorders negatively impacting ability to deliver on-time and/or within budget.
  • Aisles, storage locations, and workstations not clearly marked.
  • Desire to bring products to market more quickly and secure new business opportunities.
  • Disagreement amongst department leaders on how to solve an intractable production problem.
  • Difficulty implementing lean manufacturing principles and best practices.
  • Lack of confidence in your labor standards.
  • Assembly lines and workcells that are not balanced.
  • Planning and budgeting of new product and/or process involves opinions and guesswork.
  • Manufacturing systems using inaccurate standards.
  • Difficulty in estimating product cost.

Most of our clients were experiencing one or more of these problems when they approached us for assistance. What they found when we started working with them is that we could help them turn their problems into opportunities for improvement. It was a huge paradigm shift.  In addition, our fact-based, collaborative approach helped avoid personal agendas and the politics common in every organization and established buy-in from those responsible for making it happen. This facilitated a smoother implementation.

Just like a great playbook leads to more wins in football, committing to a solid process (such as our sound design and implementation methodology) inevitably leads to a positive outcome. In other words, great processes lead to great solutions, and great solutions lead to great performance.

PES projects range from added value lean assessments to the designing of mixed model production lines and the planning of an integrated plant layout. Regardless of your company’s size – a small, privately held company or a large Fortune 100 corporation – we’ll customize a program to meet your needs and budget constraints. Learn More →

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