How Clients Benefit?

For over 25 years, PES has helped companies reduce costs, improve quality, shorten lead-times, develop their workforce and enhance customer satisfaction, leading to improved profitability. PES clients routinely achieve many of the following benefits:

  • Flexible and lean manufacturing, warehouse and supply chain operations.
  • Increased turns and cash flows by reducing inventory.
  • Faster customer service through compressed lead times.
  • Shorter lead times by shifting from cost-based to time-based thinking.
  • Improved material flow and control by synchronizing people, processes and systems with the right layout.
  • Eliminated bottlenecks and improved throughput due to streamlined processes.
  • Minimized waste and non-value-added activities through optimized layouts.
  • Improved operational efficiency from fewer process breakdowns.
  • Increased job satisfaction and safety through employee development, empowerment and recognition.
  • Reduced labor, material and scrap costs through fewer defects.
  • Enhanced communications via effective visual management.
  • Simplified production planning and control through cellular concepts and pull systems.
  • Improved management effectiveness through lean thinking.
  • Effective utilization of people, equipment, space and energy using a systems approach.
  • Greater resiliency by building a learning enterprise.
  • Aligned organization through successful strategy deployment.
  • Sustained competitive advantage from a highly agile and responsive production system.
  • Increased profitability.

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Contact PES at (734) 425-3904 to learn how our professional services can help deliver phenomenal results for your organization! Don’t worry, you won’t get stuck in an automated phone tree or have to endure a pushy sales rep. This is the direct line to Chief Solutions Officer Jeffrey Miller.


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