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Apply Systems Thinking to Achieve Bottom Line Results!

In today’s highly competitive, global marketplace, businesses are under tremendous pressure to improve productivity, quality, and customer service as well as reducing inventory levels and costs. We can help you meet these challenges, using an innovative and systematic approach to increasing your company’s competitiveness.

PES takes a “big picture” view of evaluating and boosting your overall system performance as opposed to optimizing individual components within a system.  We all have been in situations where we’re too close to the problem to see the forest for the trees. Using a systems-based approach to analyzing and improving operational processes and decision making will help to avoid unintended consequences that may arise as changes made within one part of the system adversely affect other parts. Often, these new complications are much worse than the original problems. That’s why many performance improvement initiatives fail.

Regardless of your company’s size, leveraging PES’ systems thinking to design and re-engineer your operations will yield creative, practical solutions that enhance your:bottom line and customer satisfaction

 How PES Can Help

Whether you’re designing a new operation, expanding or consolidating existing operations, modernizing or streamlining the business, PES delivers the following industrial engineering services:

A Total Team Approach!

Undertaking a performance improvement initiative can be a waste of time and resources if not done properly. A successful project requires a total team effort.  We would like to stress the word “teamwork.” We bring to you our resources and the experiences of manufacturers with similar problems and solutions that have been tried with different degrees of success.  Your goals and needs are specific to your company as are the products you build and the way you want to build them. You have resources, limitations and advantages which are unique to your business. Through mutual trust and respect we would like to help you, with our resources and experiences, to achieve your goals. This team approach will allow mutually-agreed decisions to be made throughout the engagement process ensuring that you fully understand and support the solution we’ve jointly developed.

 About PES

PES has been providing Industrial Engineering consulting services to the manufacturing industry for over 25 years. We understand manufacturing and know what it takes to be a leader in the industry. PES welcomes the opportunity to partner with you to provide solutions that enhance productivity, cost reduction and overall business performance.

The Next Step!

To learn more about how PES can help you achieve bottom line results, please call (734) 425-3904 today!

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