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Is it Time to Put Your Enterprise on a Lean Diet?

Much like diets, lean production systems are designed to melt away excess fat and make your organization faster, flexible, forceful and more competitive. The Toyota-developed system for delighting the customer and enhancing the long-term profitability of the firm has earned a reputation for revolutionizing a wide variety of industries. And it’s accomplished with the participation of all employees focused on maximizing value to the customer through the relentless elimination of waste; whether the waste is excess production resources, overproduction or extra inventory, lean is all about doing more with less.

In today’s economy, you can’t afford to fund improvement programs that fail to deliver results. And successful lean manufacturers are weighing in with impressive results:

  • 50-90 percent reductions in inventory and lead time
  • 50-100 percent improvements in labor productivity
  • 30-50 percent declines in defect and scrap.
  • 30-50 percent less manufacturing space
  • 20-50 percent decrease in job related injuries
  • 50-75 percent reductions in time to market

How PES Can Help

Whether you’re designing a new operation (greenfield or brownfield) or transforming an existing one, PES can help you with everything from strategy to implementation:

  • Lean Assessment
  • Lean Strategy and Lean Metrics
  • Value Stream Mapping, Analysis and Design (current and future states)
  • Process Mapping and Analysis
  • Lean Factory Layout
  • Synchronous Material Flow (Lean Material Handling and Storage Systems)
  • Cellular Layout
  • Kanban System Design
  • Standard Work and Manufacturing Work Instructions
  • Quick Changeover / Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED)
  • 5S / Visual Management
  • Manufacturing Problem Solving and Continuous Improvement (Kaizen)
  • Lean Manufacturing Simulation and Customized Training Workshops

PES’ Unique Approach

PES doesn’t follow a cookie-cutter approach. Every company is different and what works well in one organization may be ill-advised in another. Nonetheless, it’s our experience that by applying lean principles in a systematic fashion, any company can achieve success. PES’ systematic approach provides the flexibility to customize the lean program according to your specific needs, requirements, challenges and budget.

PES is a firm believer in knowledge transfer. We are committed to “working ourselves out of each job” by transferring our knowledge to your employees and training them to take over. Consequently the program and methodology will become part of your standard operating procedures and your workforce will continue the improvements long after PES departs.

About PES

Established in 1991, Productivity Engineering Services LLC is an independent Industrial Engineering and Supply Chain Management consulting firm specializing in the planning, design and implementation of lean manufacturing, warehousing and supply chain operations.

PES’ Founder and Managing Principal was part of an organization that participated in the planning and design of the GM Saturn Greenfield plant. Saturn was an early adopter of a Toyota-like Production System (TPS) in the U.S., exploiting lessons learned from the NUMMI joint venture (between GM and Toyota). Being at the forefront of the Lean Manufacturing movement provides proven real-world experience and expertise to help contribute to the success of your lean initiatives.

The Next Step!

To learn more about how PES can help you achieve your lean goals, please call (734) 425-3904 today!

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