World-Class Education and Training Programs

PES offers a wide range of educational opportunities in the following general subject areas:

  • Industrial Engineering
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain Management

Practical Learning by Doing

All courses feature dynamic hands-on learning via in-class simulations, exercises, case studies and team activities where you learn by doing, not just by listening. Participants will explore real issues, problems, solutions and how to develop effective action plans relevant to their work. Our programs can be customized to the unique needs and objectives of your company and situations (e.g. based on your industry, operating philosophy and terminology).

We offer education and training on every level, from the shop floor to the executive suite, and provide the necessary tools, techniques and materials for participants to retain, reference and apply what’s learned to improving your business performance.

Learning Options

A variety of education and training formats ensure that your team is provided with relevant knowledge and world-class educational experience to maximize learning and drive business results — no matter where they are located.

On-site: In-house seminars are conducted for groups of your employees or key business partners and enables you to educate and train your entire team at your facility, saving travel time and expense and ensure collaborative learning.

Online: If you prefer to engage in education and training from the comfort of your home or office, PES offers live, instructor-led webinars, conducted at mutually-acceptable times. These live webinar programs are completely interactive, allowing instructor and all participants to engage in relevant discussions. Instructor and participants have full access to course materials as well as collaborative audiovisual content.

Learn From The Expert

Your PES instructor is a leading expert in the field; due to the combination of extensive “real world” industrial experience, solid academic and professional credentials, and a passion for sharing expertise, you will gain the practical knowledge and skills to achieve professional and business excellence.

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Learning Success Stories

  • PES teamed with the Diverse Manufacturing Supply Chain Alliance (DMSCA) to become their exclusive provider of coaching, executive education/training, and curriculum development to small and mid-size manufacturing, logistics, and distribution member organizations in the supplier development and performance certification system called the Corporate Mentoring Program (CMP). Suppliers can earn three different levels of performance certification based on their progressive advancement in the five-phase CMP education and training system — fostering supply chain performance excellence — where firms evolve from transactional suppliers to strategic partners. The CMP Education and Training System is based on the world’s leading supply chain framework: The Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR®) model. The series includes both live instructor-led webinars and workshops along with coaching sessions for executive leadership and middle management.
  • PES was retained by a job shop manufacturer to lead, guide and assist their team in a plant layout re-design project. In conjunction with the implementation phase services, we developed and conducted a half day workshop on Visual Factory and 5S Best Practices for the entire team. Not only did it open up floor space needed to install the new layout, it also created a workplace that is more easily understood by all, and improved how the shop appears to customers, so that it’s always “tour ready.”
  • PES collaborated with a Big Three Automaker to design, develop and implement an assembly plant paint shop capacity planning custom database solution. The goal was to improve communication, save time and boost productivity of the capacity planning process by converting an “every engineer to himself/herself” spreadsheet-based approach, which often produced conflicting or confusing results, to an integrated database solution that provided a “single version of the truth.” Once the solutions was fully implemented, we co-developed and presented a custom half -day, hands-on training workshop for engineers, supervisors and managers that demonstrated how to use the application, perform capacity studies and conduct sensitivity analysis so they could use it on the job immediately.
  • PES was engaged by a lawn and garden tractor manufacturer to transform their operations from a traditional batch and queue into a lean and Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS). The FMS would allow them to produce a variety of quality products to specific orders and delivered with short lead times at a competitive price. A major challenge facing the reengineering team was to improve labor productivity while maintaining good employee relationships and obtaining their participation and buy-in. First PES trained and certified select team members in the MOST work measurement system, the principles of motion economy, work simplification and mixed model line balancing techniques. Then we jointly developed standard data, identified best methods, and rebalanced the assembly lines. Next, we coached those teams in implementing the process needed to make it happen. We also developed work management manuals documenting everything necessary to support the line balances. Using a team approach not only promoted ownership and built commitment to the program, it left these employees empowered to continue to improve productivity after PES left. By reducing wasteful and non-value adding activities, productivity increased by over 20 percent in the final assembly department.

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