Productivity Engineering Services LLC (PES) Announces Expansion of Added Value Lean Manufacturing Assessment Service

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January 20, 2021

Jeffrey H. Miller, MSE, PE, CPIM, SCOR-P, CS&OP
Productivity Engineering Services, LLC (PES)
(734) 425-3904

By marrying qualitative rapid plant assessment and quantitative performance benchmarking, clients gain maximum insight into how their factory measures up to best in class performance

LIVONIA, MI – Many industrial companies seek an objective assessment of their manufacturing operations to discover where they weigh-in on the ‘leanness’ scale and to help them develop a customized diet plan. To meet those needs, today PES unveiled its Added Value Lean Manufacturing Assessment service. This methodology integrates the widely recognized tools and techniques of rapid plant assessment, performance benchmarking, and lean principles and practices into a unified framework – creating an extraordinary synergy.

Rapid Plant Assessment (RPA) is a comprehensive tool used by hundreds of successful organizations throughout North America to reliably measure their current degree of leanness.  The assessment helps to investigate and measure 12 key areas of manufacturing corresponding to each of the major lean transformation action areas. 

The Performance Benchmarking Assessment (PBA) will compare where a company stands relative to organizations in the same industry for key metrics that are aligned to the 12 RPA lean assessment categories. These benchmark metrics will include performance levels of cost, quality, delivery, productivity, and safety.

Finally, the PES Lean Manufacturing Assessment Service will afford firms the opportunity to learn and apply lean principles and best practices as well as acquire a deeper understanding of organizational strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.

“Lean manufacturing is a popular operations management system that’s been proven to generate quantum leaps in performance when applied in a comprehensive way as exemplified by the legendary Toyota Production System (TPS), said Jeffrey Miller, MSE, PE, founder and managing principal of PES.  “Companies are looking for practical initiatives such as lean that can enhance the long-term profitability of their firms through improvements in productivity, inventory turns, lead times, and operating costs.   Whether starting a new lean transformation or contemplating “next steps” on a lean journey, our Added Value Manufacturing Assessment is one of the most cost effective and powerful tools available for evaluating a plant’s current state, as well as determining gaps that must be closed to improve leanness.”

Download a complimentary Executive Summary of the Lean Manufacturing Assessment here →

About PES – Based in Livonia, MI, Productivity Engineering Services was founded in 1992 as an independent Industrial Engineering and Operations Management services firm helping companies achieve operational excellence.  For more information, visit or email


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