PES Announces a New Article Published: “Added value assessment takes Lean to the next level”

ISE Magazine May 2021 | Added value assessment takes Lean to the next level | Improvement tool measures, tracks and compares operational performance | By Jeffrey Miller

May 13, 2021

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Featured in ISE Magazine, this article reveals a holistic approach to evaluating a plant’s current state and determining gaps that must be closed to improve leanness

LIVONIA, MI – PES today announced the publication of a new article in ISE Magazine entitled: “Added value assessment takes Lean to the next level.” Many industrial companies seek an objective assessment of their manufacturing operations to discover where they weigh-in on the ‘leanness’ scale and to help them develop a customized diet plan. To meet these needs, PES created the Added Value Lean Assessment (AVLA). This methodology integrates the widely recognized tools and techniques of rapid plant assessment, performance benchmarking, and lean principles and practices into a unified framework – creating an extraordinary synergy.

One of the most frequently asked questions I hear is: Where is my organization at on our lean journey?”  said Jeffrey Miller, MSE, PE, CPIM, SCOR-P, CS&OP, article author and founder of PES.  “Even the best of companies face occasional setbacks along the way. This is especially common in the midst of a crisis where there’s a high propensity to revert to old habits.  A big challenge during such turbulent times is keeping everyone’s eyes on the prize. Unfortunately, there’s no easy answers to overcoming the natural tendency to backslide.  We have found there’s an often overlooked but highly effective tactic to maintaining focus and momentum; and that is to conduct an annual AVLA.  An AVLA is a remarkable tool to acquire a deeper understanding of organizational strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. By marrying qualitative rapid plant assessment and quantitative performance benchmarking, leaders gain maximum insight into how their factory measures up to best-in-class performance and are better positioned to take their lean initiative to the next level

Read the full article here: Added value assessment takes Lean to the next level

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