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Achieve Operational Excellence in Supply Chain Management!

Operational Excellence is consistently doing the right things right. As straightforward as it sounds, most companies find it extremely challenging to achieve in the real world. Supply chains are typically very complex systems often spanning multiple business units, countries, cultures, carriers, modes and disparate networks, to name a few. This makes it increasingly difficult for businesses to use one of their most popular supply chain management tools — past experience — with any degree of certainty.

What’s needed is a systematic proven approach to improving supply chain processes and their effectiveness. That’s why PES uses the Supply-Chain Operations Reference-Model (SCOR) the world’s most widely-accepted framework for modeling, analyzing, evaluating and improving supply chains. SCOR integrates the well-known tools and methods of business process reengineering, benchmarking, and best practices analysis into a cross-functional framework. It’s based on real-world techniques for measuring and managing a global supply chain, not on concepts and abstractions.

Define, Measure, and Improve Your Supply Chain!

Whether you’re trying to improve the performance of an existing supply chain or implement a new one, PES can help you:

  • Conduct the proper competitive analysis to define business opportunities along the supply chain (Supply Chain Segmentation).
  • Create and implement performance metric driven supply chain strategies (Supply Chain Strategy Development and Implementation).
  • Measure actual supply chain performance, compare performance to relevant industry players, and calculate opportunity gaps between current performance and competitive requirements (Supply Chain Benchmarking and Supply Chain Gap Analysis).
  • Guide in the consolidation of supply chains and eliminate duplicate assets resulting in significant cost reductions (Supply Chain Reengineering).
  • Adopt supply chain process best practices that are most appropriate for your business (Best Practice Analysis).
  • Create standardized processes across business units to generate cost savings, lead time reductions and quality improvements (SCOR Analysis).
  • Achieve financial targets including a significant return on investment (ROI).
  • Leverage the synergies of converging SCOR with Lean, Six Sigma as well as best practices of APICS and others.
  • Improve Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP).
  • Achieve supply chain operational excellence.

Whether your supply-chain is large or small, complex or simple, PES services can be tailored to best accomplish your objectives.

Attain Bottom Line Results

 A recent survey found that supply-chain management costs accounts for 60 to 90 percent of total costs for most companies.  With such an enormous potential to improve bottom line profit, why focus on anything other than supply-chain management?

PES will help your organization apply the SCOR methodology to create an agile supply chain that minimizes Total Supply Chain Management Costs (TSCMC) and maximizes delivery service levels, placing your company in a leadership position of Supply Chain Excellence.

About PES

Established in 1992, Productivity Engineering Services LLC is an independent Industrial Engineering and Supply Chain Management consulting firm specializing in the planning, design and implementation of lean manufacturing, warehousing and supply chain operations.  To help assure proficiency in improving supply chain performance, let PES appoint a SCOR-P Certified professional to your next supply chain management project.

The Next Step!

To learn more about how you can achieve Supply Chain Operational Excellence, contact PES at (734) 425-3904 today! Don’t worry, you won’t get stuck in an automated phone tree or have to endure a pushy sales rep. This is the direct line to Chief Solutions Officer Jeffrey Miller.


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