Case Studies – Services

PES is dedicated to helping our clients achieve operational excellence through the development of creative cost-effective solutions tailored to their specific needs. We have a reputation for thoroughness and attention to detail that is widely recognized and respected throughout our profession. We are immensely proud of our accomplishments and have included a small sample of our many highly successful projects below:

Plant Layout Re-design and Installation Support for a Measuring and Controlling Devices Manufacturer


Lean Material Flow Transformation and Plant Layout Design at a Big Three Automaker


Assembly Work Standards Development, Line Balancing, Workplace Design and Equipment Specifications at a Leading Heavy-Duty Engine Manufacturer


Synchronous Material Flow Design, Lean Material Handling and Storage Systems Planning at a Big Three Automaker


Productivity Improvement at an Automotive Distribution Center


Engineered Labor Standards Development, Assembly Line Rebalancing and Training at a Rider Lawn Mower Manufacturer


Plant Layout Evaluation and Product Flow Analysis for a Printing Products Manufacturer


Material Flow Sequencing and Kitting Study; Material Supermarket Layout Design and Transportation Analysis for a Tier 1 Supplier


Assembly Line Rebalancing and Engineered Labor Standards at a Snow Thrower Maker


Capacity Planning Custom Database Solution for a Big Three Automaker


 Automated Conveyor Systems Simulation Modeling and Analysis for Major Bicycle Producer